Posted by: VyckRo | January 19, 2010

Exposing Atheist and ther Ignorance! ( ZOMGitsCriss )

No one says you should be an expert in all religions, but when by ignorance or hatred, you attack one religion on false reasons, then we can speak of “hate speech”
But when you dedicate a part of your life, to promote hatred against one religion, and only one, and this is the reason for what you get up in the morning.
The reason for which you have several sites on the Internet, reason for which you, ask for money from others to support you, then how can we call this?

How far is allowed hate speech to go?
You have the right to insult? to humiliate?, to threaten another man?

Do you have the right to try to convince a person that “his religion” “ordered him to kill”?



  1. This is a bit late of a response, but I haven’t checked my wordpress account recently. The Catholic Church first appeared in 313 via Constantine’s Edict of Milan. Then at the Council of Nicaea in 325, they basically collected everything together and decided what would be in the bible and what wouldn’t.

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