Posted by: VyckRo | April 6, 2012

Some questions that any atheist that supports “The Conflict Thesis” must answer.

This post is under construction.

1. If the Christian church was so obsessed  “to keep people in darkness”  why  the Church has constantly supported Universities?

2. If everything, that brought Christianity, was “1000” years of darkness, and only Christianity has held science back, then who stopped the rest of the world?

– China with all its wonderful inventions like: paper, gunpowder, compass
– India with all their philosophy and mathematics
– Aztecs & Maya, with their amazing knowledge about astronomy
– Arab countries with all their connections with China, India, and the Byzantine Empire, from where they took a lot of knowledge

Who stopped them to invent the atomic energy, and colonize the universe during the Christian “Dark Ages”?

3. If the “Christian Church”, was against science , How came that the most crucial discoveries, that have influenced modern civilization, have appeared in Christianity?

4. If indeed Christianity, wished the destruction “of the ancient  knowledge” How came we still have today, such a thing as “the ancient knowledge” ?

5. How do we explain in the context of the “Conflict Thesis” atheis are always smarter, the total failure of communist countries, and of all atheistic systems.
as: French Revolution, Paris Commune & Mexican regime after the 1917 Constitution?

6. How do we explain in the context of the “Conflict Thesis” – atheis are always smarter- ,the Extraordinary success of the Americas during its most religious period? Or of the or European model, in the period of its “religious fanaticism”?

7. If indeed the Catholic Church aimed to burn scientists at the stake ” how come there were so many Catholic Scholars in the Middle Ages?

8. If Islam is indeed the one who saved the “antique science”,  which is the Islam connection whit  “antiquity” ?

9. If atheism indeed is the best model, how come that no atheist society has survived the struggle for survival? and how come we do not have today, any famous atheistic civilization ?



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